Custom badges and decals

Nose Badge

Billet Technology Challenger Front Nose Badge 2008-2010 (Ram head replacement)

Made by Billet Technologies (West Palm Beach, Florida) I replaced the factory Dodge “Ram” nose badge with this Black MOPAR badge, made from Aluminum.  In 2011 not only did Dodge removed the “Ram” from the nose of the Challenger, they removed all Ram’s heads from the car. Ram is now it’s own division under Chrysler.

Engine Bay – Hood


“HEMI”  Badge (Part number # 68028278AB) was added to the to the Shaker scoop after it was painted the same color silver as the original 1970’s version

shaker with lens overlayUpdated HEMI scoop badges with “Lens” covers by Rebadge.  These are purple “covers or lens”  that go over the original black center part of the HEMI badge

“SHAKER” Sticker

What Shaker setup would be complete without the 1970’s Shaker under hood decal.  For what ever reason all modern Shaker hoods do not come with this decal.  However you can pick them up at Performance Car Graphics. Direct link here

Just a small hint to the 1970s, I’ve added this little sticker to the engine bay.  This sticker is a “Special Instruction” sticker for 1970 340 cars equipped with functional hoods, from Performance Car Graphics. Direct link here (Special Instructions 70: Decal: 3″ x 1″1970 340-6: E-body only. No part #. )

Center caps

In 2010 Dodge Challengers had the “RAM” center caps.  I’ve replaced them with “M” + MOPAR center caps.  Part number 82212508

Rear quarter window decals

Small Scat Pack Bees from Performance Car Graphics where added to each of the rear quarter glass

Rear deck lid

“Challenger” “R/T” on the deck lid spoiler is made up of the following MOPAR badges

  • Mopar R/T Badge (04806323AB) (note this is the modern version with the red “/”)
  • Challenger Script (P3444938) -Metal / Challenger Script (68044799AA) -Plastic

Old School look front grill

replacement and relocation of BLOCK Challenger emblem

Replaced the dash and steering wheel emblems

  • Nate from ReBadge for both emblems