Plum Crazy facts

The original Dodge Challenger of 1970 was offered in a number of high impact colors, one of which was Plum Crazy (Paint code FC7).

In 2010, Dodge released several “Heritage colors” to honor the 40th Anniversary.  These Heritage colors where only offered on the Challenger R/T Classic’s and SRT’s.

  • HEMI-Orange
  • Plum Crazy Purple
  • Furious Fuchsia.

Out of 36,791 Dodge Challengers sold in 2010 (source). There was only 1393 R/T Classics produced in Plum Crazy Pearl (source)

  • 673 where 6-speed manual Transmissions
  • 720 automatics

There was 939 SRTs in Plum Crazy Pearl (no 6-Speed vs Manual numbers available) (source)