The exhaust stated out as a simply “cat back” system from Flowmaster (Got a great price and overnight shipping for free.  With the expectation of improving performance by adding a set of shorty headers later on.

The cat back system was a simply bolt on, I did in the driveway with a set of jack stands.  The hard to reach work (header and mid pipes) was done by a local shop called Tuffy’s here in Central Florida.  These guys did a great job and also welded in the bung for the wideband O2 sensor.  I would highly recommend them for header/exhaust work.

So far I’ve been thru several different wideband Air / Fuel monitoring setups.  Finally settling for the Innovate LC-1 sensor and their gauge pod, mounted in the drivers side air vent.

Finishing off the exhaust was a set of MOPAR dual exhaust tips.

A complete list of parts and their respected links below.  Note that these links are just for reference as you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.


Locking header bolts are a must to ensure secure headers and not leaks over time

This is where your biggest gains come from and they are smog legal in all states