Hood Pins

– Finished product image here –

These are not just for looks.  Because my hood is an after market hood made of fiberglass, I need to ensure that it will not break loose from the hood latch at any speed.

There are hood pin sets for much cheaper but you will not find a better fit, look and quality then the MOPAR branded hood pints.  MOPAR part number (Black) P5155755  These are designed as a direct bolt in via the front fender and radiator support, no driller needed (other then the plastic head light cover and your hood)

The installation begins with mounting the base plate to the fender and radiator support as shown below.

The nice thing about the MOPAR hood pin kit is that the base plate installed without having to drill any hole or guess where the pin needs to be placed.

After installing the base, you have to mark and drill the hole where the pin will extrude threw the plastic head lamp trim/cover and place the rubber trim grommet around the threaded base plate hole

Now the hard part, drilling threw a brand new aftermarket hood.  It’s not as bad as you may think. 1) use a brand new hole saw 2) make sure you drill perpendicular to the hood itself 3) take your time.  Tip: use lipstick on head of hood pin, close hood enough to touch top of pin to transfer the lipstick to the hood. Now you know where to drill your hole

If all goes well, and it should.  Your pin should be center of the hole.

My biggest worry was the striker plate.  This adheres to the hood with extra strong 3M tape.  If you’re off, when you close the hood your pin will hit the plate and be ripped from the hood, paint included. This is why I test fitted it with some painters tape, making sure the pin is centered to the plate and closes without interference.

– Finished product image here –