Kicking off 2014 in a rather awsome way

Well it’s hard to believe that 2014 is here and with some great weather our little group, has been busy.

Speedlogix drive (300 miles round trip) Jan 4th

_DSC1421Historic Longwood Jan 11th20140111_170123

Hooters Sanford Jan 12th



A few months ago, I acquired a 426 Cuda and 5.7 Hemi engine model to custom fabricate a version of my engine bay

_DSC1439_DSC1438Our logo.  I custom make these in the body or accent colors of our cars.   Jim

Hooters Sanford

Getting ready for Downtown Disney’s Car Masters Weekend

DTCMW13Well the car is 90% clean (going to wait to get on Disney property later this afternoon to clean the remaining 10% and cover her for the night).

So here is what I’m packing …. so far.. Wife just informed me that I forgot to pack a change of cloths for the 3 days we’ll be on site.

weeked-car-showWife just informed me that I forgot to pack cloths for the weekend… oops.

I’ll be updating the site from the event with more pictures as the weekend progresses.