Out with the new in with the old: Grill emblem replacement and relocation

Latest mini mod was replacing my current Challenger front grill emblem with an old school script like we have on the fenders of the Classic model.

I’ve removed the front grill’s modern Challenger logo (Bold block text vs old school script) replaced it with the Challenger Classic side script emblem and relocated it to the drivers side next to the R/T.

The OEM emblem comes off by simply squeezing the top and bottom of the emblem together, and releasing the clips that hold it to the front honeycomb grill.   The Challenger emblem I used is the same for the fenders.  It does not have clips and you adhere it via 3M tape.  Simply clean off the area with alcohol, peal the backing off the new (old) emblem and align with the bottom edge of the R in the R/T emblem.

Part number:  68044799AA – as of this article, $41.28 + shipping ($3.99 to Florida)  From Steve White Parts (via Challengertalk.com– use the PM feature on the ChallengerTalk forums)

Thanks to Steve in our local club for reminding me that I had to do this mod.