New Shirt

Someone was selling these over on the Plum Crazy Challengers Facebook group via  Unfortunately the sale has ended and they are no longer available.


Running Dodge’s service manual on a modern OS

I’ve seen this pop up on several forums.  Someone has upgraded to Windows 7 or 8.1 and thus their version of Internet Explorer (IE) does not run the 2009-x service manual.  It will come up with a blank page after loading the default.htm file in the html directory.

A simply work around (you have to do this every time you run the manual) is  to simply run it under  developer mode, IE7,  in any newer version of IE

Open the manual’s .\html\default.htm in IE
Click on f12 or click the sprocket in the upper right hand corner then select  F12 Developer tools
When the window opens at the bottom of IE, select

–Document Mode -> 7
–User agent string -> Internet Explorer 7

It will now allow you to select year, model and engine to begin the owners manual and continue on as you where using the old version of IE.

Have not found a way to make it open by default, as setting the compatibility mode in the meta tag does not work, thus you have to do this every time you use the manual.

It’s a PITA but works.  Also see my review of the manual and where to purchase it for more then half what Tech Authority wants.

Changing the TA up once again

I’m at the point of swapping scoops out (from the Shaker) to the TA at every Oil Change.  Seeing as I wanted to Plastic Dip the TA scoop, I decided to update the tag line.

Some of the past tag lines, I’ve had on the TA

TA-scoop-with-message20130913_172004The latest after plastic dipping the scoop