Service Manuals for 2009-2010 Challengers

A simply work around (you have to do this every time you run the manual) is  to simply run it under  developer mode, IE7,  in any newer version of IE

Open the manual’s .\html\default.htm in IE
Click on f12 or click the sprocket in the upper right hand corner then select  F12 Developer tools
When the window opens at the bottom of IE, select

–Document Mode -> 7
–User agent string -> Internet Explorer 7

It will now allow you to select year, model and engine to begin the owners manual and continue on as you where using the old version of IE.

Have not found a way to make it open by default, as setting the compatibility mode in the meta tag does not work, thus you have to do this every time you use the manual.

The biggest complaint I have in regards to owning my Challenger was the lack of a reasonably prices service manual. That is, if you could find one at all.  Currently the only service manual listed for sale to the general public, is for the 2009 year which does cover the 2010s.  Ban news for 2011+ owners as there still does not seem to be a manual for your years. I’ve searched and could not find anything for the current models.  Dodge is surly lacking in this area, for current Challenger owners.

Below you will find my findings, a small review and a few links to purchase your own Service Manual. That’s if you own a 2009-2010 Challenger.

If anyone does have a link to where you can purchase current versions of the 2011+ manuals please send me a link/information via our contact us form at the top of this page.

Hold on to your wallet! If you wanted a parts catalog, you’re stuck with a “All Models 1984 – current model year” DVD for only $1200.00, from the official MOPAR Techauthority web site. However I have a much cheaper way to get part numbers, for your 2008- current model year (its free).  I’ll post more about that in another post

Service manuals for your 2009-2010 Dodge Challengers (all models) Tech Authority vs ServiceRepairManuals

Dodge via their online Techauthority site, wants $206 for their service manual (listed as 2009 Dodge Challenger Service Information CD (English) Product ID: 81-270-09041-CD


This comprehensive service information provides the resource that the professional technician needs to diagnose/troubleshoot, maintain, service, and repair a Chrysler vehicle. A complete working knowledge of the vehicle, system and/or components is written in straightforward language with illustrations, diagrams and charts.

The information is specific to a vehicle(s) and includes:

Wiring diagrams detailing circuit schematics, circuit identification, connector and terminal information, harness routing, and component location
Repair procedures that highlight step-by-step removal and installation instructions for vehicle components and include line art drawings to aid in component service
Diagnostic procedures to aid in the diagnosis of electrical and mechanical systems, DTCs, and symptom-based concerns

However if you do some searching and know where to look, you will come across a site called service repair manuals.  They have the same 2009 version which as mentioned above, will cover 2009 – 2010 for only $69.99 + shipping Update as of Dec 3rd they are now $74.99 for the 2010 version.


Service information is divided into groups, which contain description, operation, diagnosis, testing, adjustments, removal, installation, disassembly, and assembly procedures for the systems and components. Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Battery/Charging System, Heating/Air Condition, Maintenance, Electrical Wiring Schematics, Exhaust System, Drive Line, Power Steering, Suspension, Lighting/Bulbs, Interior/Exterior Trims, Cooling System, Fuel System, and MUCH MORE! Also contained in these groups is all revelant electronic diagnostic information. The Service Manual CD’s with new XML & SVG Wiring Diagrams Software. This is an Windows based software which requires Internet Explorer 6 or newer program to operate the Service Manual. ***This can be compatible with MAC Operating Systems but additional software is required which can be purchased from Apple/MAC in order to operate this Windows based Software.***

(This item requires additional shipping of $4.99 for the first item, and $3 for each additional item + regular shipping costs.)

I took a chance and purchased the ServiceRepairManual’s (SRM) version and below is a short review.

While I’ve never seen the Techauthority’s  $206 version, SRMs version has “Chrysler Tech Authority” across the top of main page of the applications. I wish I could post some screen shots from my version of SRM, however they copy right protected against such actions.

SRM is broken down into two sections “Service Information” and “Wiring Information”.

Service Information

The Service Information has 30 catagories each with a number of sections and sub sections under them.

Example: Cooling (07) has the following listed

  • Description
  • Operation
  • Diagnosis and Testing
  • Standard procedure
  • Specifications (example of sub sections)
  • – – Draining
  • – – Filling – Gas Engine
  • – – Adding Additional Coolant
  • – – Cleaning / Reverse Flushing
  • Special Tools
  • Accessory Drive
  • Engine
  • Transmission

Each section has a Warning sections, Notes, how to, tools required and numbered diagrams to go along with what you are looking at.

Wiring Information

The wiring information section is broken down into 34 different categories

Example: Charging System (8W-20) has the following listed

  • Battery
  • Fusible Link
  • G303
  • Generator (example of sub sections)
  • – – Wiring Diagram
  • – – Connector and Location Views
  • Module Powertrain Control
  • Post Pass Through
  • Power Distribution Center
  • S100
  • S138
  • S142
  • Starter

Each section has connector information as well as location diagrams that you can zoom in, however the interface is a little cumbersome.

Final thoughts:


  • Price ($69.99)
  • Information provided (X100)
  • Diagrams
  • ease of use, layout


  • Tech behind manual (Windows, Internet Explorer only.  Outdated image viewer (must download SVG plugin) )
  • 2009-2010 only
  • Can’t zoom in on images under Service Information


You really get the feeling a car company made this instead of a tech company and the requirements alone (even for a manual that is 2 years old now) show that. however the good out weighs the bad and it’s a must have for most if not all Challenger owners.

If you own a 2009-2010 Challenger and do even a small amount of work yourself this service manual is for you. If you are more then the causal car owner then this should be the first thing you purchase after you get home from the dealership.