Testing new Crank Case Breather from CFM

Got a call today from a good friend that said CFM was looking for some Local Challengers to test fit one of their Crank Case Breathers that they currently run on Ford Products.  This new breather replaces your oil cap with a bullet adapter that includes a ball check valve to stop unmetered air from coming through while the crankcase is under vacuum.

before-after-breatherClick to enlarge

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The best way to get under your car

As soon as I brought my Challenger home I’ve been wanting an easier way to get under the car for things like maintenance, oil changes and inspections. I’ve gone back and forth but have always wanted a good set of Race Ramps. The only drawback is, these are on the pricey side.  Oh but they are well worth it!

I’ve decided to go with the RR-XT-2 67 Inch 2 piece race ramps.  These are a two piece design, meaning that once the car is in place and the wheels are chocked you can remove the ramp part so you have better access under the car.

Check out the new article I just posted under Garage, entitled Race Ramps for more information

2008-2012 Stainless Steel hood latch

Do you like to show off your engine bay but the hood latch cause you to have nightmares because it’s all scratched and banged up?  Well Dale’s CUDA shop has the answer.  A Stainless Steel hood latch with matching hardware.

This replacement Stainless Steel hood latch fits 2008-2012 Challengers. Cost is $46.10 shipped via ebay

UPDATE: Dales has them on sale for $29.95 in their own web shop.

To order and more info, click here

* I’ll post some before and after pictures when I receive mine.